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Welcome You To Visit LONGCHAO

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Over 20 Years Focus On Mud Pump Liners

Jinan Longchao Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd:

founded in 1991, the production base of forging parts in China;

covers an area of 24000 square meters with 100 staff;

has own forging plant, casting workshop, machining workshop and heat treatment shop;

Main Equipment:

1600T hydraulic press machine

1000kg and 750kg air hammer

CNC lathe and manual lathe

surface grinding machine

honing machine

well-type electric furnace and box-type electric 

At Longchao, We Care About The Quality We Supply

LONGCHAO is specialized in manufacturing mud pump liners for more than 20 years, including hy-chrome liner and zirconia ceramic liner. And we also can supply other mud pump parts.

All mud pump parts can be interchangeable with OEM pump Gardner Denver, National, Oilwell, IDECO, EMSCO, BOMCO, Russian Pump...

F-800, F-1000, F-1300, F-1600, FB-1300, FB-1600

PZ-7/8/9, PZ-10/11

T-800, T-1000, T-1300, T-1600

A-860-PT, A-1100-PT, A-1400-PT, A-1700-PT

8-P-80, 9-P-100, 10-P-130, 12-P-160, 14-P-200, 14-P-220

3NB-1000C, 3NB-1300C, 3NB-1600

8T-310, 8T-650, BRN-1, NBT-300, UNB-600, UNBT-600, UNBT-950, UNBT-950L, 1180, UNBT-1180L

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