Swivel Joint

High pressure swivel joints are rigid metal fittings used in manifolds which enables it to be rotated 360°and change angles for flexible connection inlimited space, which is an ideal part for well service.

Material: forged from premium alloy steel with heat                             treatment

Nominal Bore: 1"~4"

Cold working pressure: 42Mpa~105Mpa (6000psi~15000psi)

Rated working pressure: 14Mpa~140Mpa (2000psi~20000psi)

Working temperature: -46℃~121℃

Type:  long radius swivel joint 

           short radius swivel joint

F: threaded joint

M: sphere joint

Long Radius Swivel Joint

Style 10

Style 20

Style 30

Style 50

Style 60

Style 80

Style 100

Repair Kit for Long Radius  Swivel Joint

Short Radius Swivel Joint

working pressure: 25Mpa-70Mpa

Nominal bore: 1"-2"

connection: LP, NPT

working temperature: -29℃-121℃ (class PU)

service: standard

Repair Kit for Short Radius  Swivel Joint

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