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Hammer Union

hammer union.jpg
butt weld hammer union.jpg

Our hammer union is adopted American advanced technology of FMC and SPM company, and is manufactured by forged high quality alloy steel. All materials are in full compliance with ASTM and AISI standard, API SPEC 6A approved.


SF(forged steel), SC(casting steel), AS(alloy steel), DIC(forgeable cast iron).

End connection:

threaded hammer union: LP, NPT, TBG

butt weld hammer union: SCH40, SCH80, SHC160, XH, XXH

⑴.precise ball surface and 90 degree conical surface processed by precise machine

⑵.The LP thread, UN thread, EU thread, processed by CNC lathe and imported cutter

⑶.The seal ring is made by imported material

⑷.The wing hammer union which specially applicable to acid environment is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with NACE MR0175

⑸.Wing unions joints are ACME thread

hammer union models.PNG

Air O Grip Union

air grip union.jpg

Air grip union have steel shell and air tube two parts.

Air tube is made from the mixture of natural rubber and nitrile and the most steel shells are made from high quality carbon steel.


It's widely applied in drilling fluid pipe lines with low pressure ,large pipe size , big pipe misalignment , frequent installation and uninstall.

Medium available: mud, oil, water
Medium temperature: -45°C ~50°C
Reconversion time when deflated: 1-3 seconds
Medium presssure: 0.4Mpa
Structure: steel shell and air bag
Material: shell for 20# casting steel, tube for rubber.

drawing of air grip union.jpg

Mud Tank Seal Union

Manufactures and supplies union is for mud tanks, mud tank connecting lines and pump suction flanges. These are manufactured for a maximum line pressure of 150 PSI. The nitrile seal provides compressive seal, the crosssection of the seal designed to provide greater sealing surface.​

Medium available: mud, oil, water
Medium temperature: 0°C ~90°C
Ambient temperature: -30°C~50°C
Medium presssure: 0.6Mpa


three-piece mud tank union.jpg
drawing of three-piece mud tank


four-piece mud tank union.jpg
drawing of four-piece mud tank union.jpg
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