Mud  Pump Valve Assembly

Valve assembly is installed in the module of mud pump fluid end. It consists of valve body, valve insert and valve seat.


Types: full open, three web, four web

Size: API 4#,5#,6#,7#,8#

Material: solid forged by high quality alloy steel 20Cr

Manufacturing process: Forging, carburizing and quenching

Depth of carburized layer: 1.80~2.22mm

Hardness: HRC58~65

Valve insert material: CPU (composite polyurethane)

                                      TPU (high temperature resistance polyurethane)

                                      NBR (nitrile rubber buna)       

Surface treatment: Grit blasting

Temperature tolerance property: -60℃~100℃

Full Open Valve and Seat

also named wing guided with full open seat;

The valve insert can be snapped on easily or bonded urethane insert.

Connection between guide wing and valve body: 

inertia welded and solid forged

There are different styles:

regular full open valve and seat

full open valve and seat with bonded insert

roughneck style full open valve and seat

G2 style full open valve and seat

3 web/4 web design Valve and Seat

also named stem guided with full open seat;

4 web design valve and seat=cross arms valve and seat

Well Service Fracturing/Plunger Pump Valve and Seat

Valve Insert

Valve Spring

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