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Mud Pump Liners

Mud pump liners are the main expendable parts of mud pump fluid end. They are combined with outer shell and inner sleeve compactly.

We can supply both ceramic and bi-metal liners for Emsco, Bomco,Gardner Denver, National, Oilwell,, Ideco, and other pumps.

Bi-Metal Liner

all OEM pump liners.JPG

Bi-metal liner, someone also calls hy-chrome liner, super premium liner, high chrome sleeve liner and supreme liner. 

Service Life: more than 800 hours

Outer hull:

forged by high quality carbon steel 45#;

hardness is HB180-200

Inner sleeve:

centrifugal casting by high carbon and high chromium cast iron

Chromium content: 26~28%

high surface finish, wear resistant, corrosion resistant, longer service life.

Chemical composition of outer hull:

Chemical composition of inner sleeve:

Ceramic Liner

zirconia ceramic pump liner.jpg

The zirconium ceramic liners can not only adapted to some tough environment such as deep oil reservoir, hard stratum and severe earthiness, but also can be used for offshore oil and natural gas exploitation as well. So ceramic liners are the first choice to upgrade high pressure mud pump liners.   

Service Life: over 4000 hours longer service life

Outer hull: forged by high quality carbon steel 45#;

Inner sleeve: zirconia

The value of fracture toughness is K10~15MPa(10 times than traditional ceramic)


HP design with shoulder-on-hull design to prevent sleeve slippage;

Reduced liner and piston wear;

Lower thermal load on the liner wash system;

better performance in wear resistant, corrosion resistant, high hardness.

There are mainly two kinds of ceramic materials for inner sleeve:


1. ZTA:

Compound ceramic material by tetragonal zirconia and aluminium oxide;

Better performance in wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, high temperature resistance...


2. TZP:

pure zirconia ceramic

high strength, high toughness, high wear resistance, excellent thermal insulation...


Liner sizes are availabe from 4-1/2” to 7-1/2” for all popular mud pumps.

Chemical composition of ceramic inner sleeve:

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