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Mud Pump Fluid End Parts

mud pump liner.jpg
threaded rings of mud pump.jpg
Threaded Rings
Valves-Seats of mud pump.jpg
Valves & Seats
fluid end modules of mud pump.jpg
liner cage of mud pump.jpg
Liner Cage
valve rod guide of mud pump.jpg
Valve Guide
packing box of mud pump.jpg
Packing Box
cylinder linder gland of mud pump.jpg
Cylinder Liner Gland
valve spring for mud pump valve assy.jpg
Valve Spring
valve cover.jpg
Valve Cover
flash board assy of mud pump.jpg
Flash Board
wear plate of mud pump.jpg
Wear Plate
cylinder head plug of mud pump.jpg
Cylinder Head Plug
Seal Ring

Mud Pump Power End Parts

Piston rod for mud pump.jpg
Piston Rod
mus pump crosshead.jpg
Crosshead Assy
Extension rod for mud pump.jpg
Extension Rod
mud pump crosshead pin.jpg
Crosshead Pin
clamp assembly for mud pump.jpg
Clamp Assy
crosshead guide.jpg
Crosshead Guide
Jinan Longchao.jpg

Why Us

1. the real factory to guarantee the quality and lower your cost

2. the premium quality manufacturer focus on bi-metal liners

3. best inner sleeve finish to ensure the longer service life

4. all the processing for mud pump spare parts is done by

    ourselves from forging, casting, heat treatment, CNC maching,

    honing, inspection...

We Focus On Mud Pump Liners, So We Are More Professional!

longchao mud pump parts.png

Reliable Quality & Competitive Price Always Beyond Your Expectations

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